Better Outcomes through Innovative Medical Technology

Who We Are

Since 1996, Minnetronix has been creating patient-focused, customer-centric solutions to unmet clinical and business needs. Learn more about our core competencies and how we can help you achieve success - no matter where you are in your development process.


What We Do

Minnetronix is a unique resource for the medical device industry. Our integration of capabilities and experience in systems design, powered by a commitment to creative engineering, is what gives you an edge in creating value.

Since 1996, Minnetronix has delivered innovation and excellence in the design, engineering and manufacturing of medical devices and technologies. Today we are growing and creating new technologies to meet the needs of a rapidly evolving healthcare environment. And we are driving new and unique models for device development and commercialization. Our history is rich. Our future is bright. We are Minnetronix, and improving patients’ lives inspires us.