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There’s nothing more rewarding than getting your hands on an
actual, functioning

The sense of pride that takes place while watching your idea develop into a product is immeasurable. Our creative medical device manufacturing solutions are designed to be cost-effective while ensuring product longevity to help you meet the ongoing demands of your market.

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We excel at manufacturing to meet exacting FDA and ISO standards. We integrate technical support and rigorous testing to ensure the high performance of every device we produce.
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Our manufacturing processes incorporate Lean, TQM and JIT systems with the flexibility to meet your production volume, schedule and delivery needs. Each product has dedicated production cells and teams to ensure a successful outcomes.

  1. Case Study /  Salient Surgical | Aquamantys®3 System

    How do you meet an aggressive product introduction schedule for a complex, high-frequency RF design?

    Imagine using an advanced energy platform to improve surgical efficiency. Salient Surgical Technologies had a novel product concept, but speed to market was critical. An aggressive development schedule, and a need for seamless design transfer, led them to Minnetronix.

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    Salient Surgical | Aquamantys®3 System
  2. Case Study /  Salient Surgical | Aquamantys®3 System

    Aquamantys®3 System Complex RF design, a custom pump mechanism and improved human factors

    The system required a complex loading and pumping mechanism that Minnetronix was able to assemble and reproduce cost-effectively. Minnetronix worked with Salient to optimize the design, ensure product reliability and improve unit cost. Minnetronix also supplied documentation for two FDA submissions. Salient Surgical was acquired by Medtronic in July of 2011, and received 510(k) clearance on the Aquamantys®3 System in the fall of 2011.

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    Salient Surgical | Aquamantys®3 System

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