Cognita Medical Device Connectivity Platform

The Cognita Platform provides a cost-effective customizable hardware, software, and systems solution to remote medical device connectivity, giving you real-time access to valuable information - anytime, anywhere.

The Challenge

Since our founding in 1996, Minnetronix has completed hundreds of design and manufacturing projects for a wide range of medical device companies. Many of these manufacturers have expressed a desire to be able to have real-time communication with their fleet of devices. However, creating the infrastructure for connectivity in the field can be complicated and costly. Development efforts, security, installation protocols and procedures, ongoing support services, and continuous maintenance to keep up with changing environments, can cause challenges. Additionally, streams of data need to be converted into actionable information for effective product management.

Cognita Tracking Individual Device Data on Mobile App

Developing and supporting connectivity systems presents a significant barrier for medical device manufacturers of all sizes trying to maximize scarce resources while offering greater value to their customers and patients.

The Cognita Medical Device Connectivity Platform satisfies our customers’ need for a connectivity tool that manages devices, deploys software, tracks usage, and improves supply chain management.

The Solution

The Cognita Platform connectivity board and antenna easily integrate into your device's board configuration.

The Cognita Platform consists of cost-effective, customizable technology that can be built into your medical device. Cognita allows you to remotely manage, update, locate, and understand the use of your entire fleet of devices in the field. Minnetronix provides best-in-class, start-to-finish integration with your device, and provides ongoing service.

Develop and Manufacture

We efficiently customize and integrate the proven platform into your next generation system or retrofit it into your current product. Minnetronix can assemble your entire device with the integrated remote connectivity platform.

Verify and Validate

Cognita is a Class I medical device per the Medical Device Data Systems (MDDS) regulation and built to support any class of medical device. The Cognita Platform has completed verification testing. When Cognita is customized for your device, it may undergo additional verification testing and will undergo full validation.

Manage and Maintain

Minnetronix maintains and supports the entire Cognita Platform, providing cellular-based data transmission, storage, and data access that does not require integration with a facility’s Wi-Fi network.

Navigate and See

Minnetronix creates custom web and mobile device user interfaces to intuitively compile, analyze, and visualize your critical data per your requirements.

The Result

What Cognita Means to You

  • Cognita optimizes your business with actionable intelligence that turns knowledge into power
  • Cognita help you make smart, profitible business decisions

Cognita optimizes your business with actionable intelligence that turns knowledge into power.

Anytime, Anywhere Access

  • Tailored interface: Displays the information you want, clearly and conveniently.
  • Computer and mobile apps: Easily access information for office or field use.

Powerful Information and Functionality

  • Analyze business metrics & field utilization tracking - Access system data in aggregate or at the individual device level.
  • Monitor device settings & usage – Track consumables and other important device parameters remotely, so you know when your systems are making money and when they’re not.
  • Locate and manage devices remotely – For example, locate lost devices via integrated location services or turn off a non-critical device if a customer is not current with payment.
  • Push software updates– Minimize or avoid expensive in-person field upgrade calls and standardize your deployed devices.
  • Service more efficiently – Diagnose systems remotely without a service call or have systems automatically alert you. Know the device needs service before your customer knows.
  • Enable new business models – Such as pay-per-use, payment rates by volume, etc.