Specific Expertise and Applications

Radiofrequency Energy Based Therapy Devices

Minnetronix has expertise in research, development, and production of Radiofrequency (RF) energy based therapy devices and can leverage our proven library of RF generator subsystem designs to expedite your development cycle. From cardiac ablation and solid tissue ablation, to plasma activation, to cosmetic procedures, or neuro surgery, Minnetronix has designed and manufactured electrosurgical devices for a broad range of applications. These RF systems vary widely in power and frequency ranges, number of outputs/RF channels, modes, and feedback methods. Our control loop experiences include open loop, FPGA controlled, microprocessor PID loop, and hybrid loops with power, impedance, and temperature feedback. Additionally, Minnetronix has implemented numerous RF generator safety systems for Neutral Electrode Monitoring (NEM) for ground pad monitoring, Active Electrode Monitoring (AEM) for leakage monitoring, power monitoring, short circuit detection, open circuit detection, Cardiac Floating (CF) and Body Floating (BF) isolation circuits, as well as redundant systems. Because of our commitment to patient safety, Minnetronix is dedicated to using risk analysis to determine the proper safety systems for each RF generator application.

Biomedical Sensors and Signal Processing

Minnetronix has experience in tissue and fluid impedance measuring, glucose monitoring, flow sensing, and motion sensing. We have completed algorithm development for various applications including ECG, image processing, acoustic signature processing, and numerous analog and digital filters.

Pumps and Motor Control, Fluidics and Pneumatics

Many of the products that Minnetronix designs and manufactures include mechanisms that move, control, and meter fluids in liquid or gaseous form. Previous development examples include the application of stepper motors, gearboxes/drivetrains, linear actuators, and other electromechanical powertrains. From a fluid handling perspective, Minnetronix also has experience with peristaltic pumps, centrifugal pumps, pneumatics, valves, manifolds, and compressed gas handling. With software, electrical, mechanical, quality assurance, and manufacturing engineering expertise all in-house, we are able to manage the many facets of sensing, control, testing, and safety that go into these systems and successfully integrate them into medical devices.

Servo-Based Controls

Minnetronix has expertise in designing and implementing complex electromechanical systems for motor control and pumping applications. In addition to standard motor control methods, Minnetronix has expertise with field-oriented control (FOC) and other sensored and sensorless systems.

Implantable and External Neuro and Neuromuscular Stimulators

Minnetronix has designed and manufactured electrical stimulation devices for a broad range of clinical applications. We have developed external systems for urology, pain management and bone growth applications, and implantable stimulators and associated external support components for a variety of neuromodulation therapies.

Medical Grade Power Supplies and Rechargeable Battery Technologies

As a company 100% focused on medical technology, Minnetronix has broad and deep experience powering medical devices. We have integrated power supplies into systems ranging from handheld diagnostic units to large energy delivery systems. Our experience also includes integrating both primary and secondary batteries into products, including smart battery management and control subsystems. Minnetronix engineers are well-versed in the safety and regulatory requirements associated with batteries and power management in medical devices.