Ideas & Innovation

No matter where you are in your development process, Minnetronix can help create and protect your market-focused medical technologies and products.

Develop and Protect Valuable Intellectual Property

As a trusted partner on your projects, we are committed to helping you make the most of your ideas. We have an established track record of intellectual property (IP) development and patent protection on behalf of our customers. We identify potential IP opportunities during development, bring those opportunities to your attention, and assist you in the documentation and protection of your resulting patents.

Reduce Development Risk and Time to Market Using Minnetronix IP

We have built our own portfolio of patents for specific fields, including ventricular assist device (VAD) power and control, transcutaneous energy transfer systems, and cardiac assist, that you can license or leverage in strategic ways. Our issued patents allow you to take advantage of clear paths to market through the complex and risky IP landscapes.

Leverage Minnetronix' Products and Therapies

Minnetronix has developed a breadth of technologies and therapies to offer potential partners. Our internally-developed technology-based platforms and therapies, such as our Cognita™ Medical Device Connectivity Platform and VAD power and control technologies, can enhance the potential value of your products.

We are developing new therapy solutions to serve unmet clinical needs, including an innovative cerebral spinal fluid filtration system and a catheter-based technology for mechanical circulatory support.