More About Vital Link

Vital Link, our proprietary customer portal for MEDS, is a sophisticated, web-based system that allows customer access to the electronic records such as the design history file (DHF) and the Device Master Record (DMR) for specific projects.

How Vital Link Works

Vital Link is designed to give you, our customers and partners, access to important project information via a subset of the Minnetronix Intranet rather than create a totally separate system.

  • Each client has 24/7 remote access to program information through Vital Link that can be accessed securely online at
  • The connection to Vital Link is a secure encrypted connection and the site can only be accessed with the use of a Minnetronix assigned username and password.
  • Once you log onto the Vital Link system, you enter the Minnetronix extranet allowing you to see information on your specific project. For example, drawings and specifications, ECOs, verification data, summary reports, and meeting minutes can be found on Vital Link.
  • Vital Link is intended to be universally accessible via any modern web browser including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Mozilla, and Safari.

Why Vital Link is Unique

Although many companies have an electronic data management system for their customers, it is the breadth of Vital Link that makes it unique. Auditors have called MEDS and Vital Link “a benchmark in electronic record keeping.”