Strategic Options

At Minnetronix, we offer multiple pathways to create value, including intellectual property generation and new business models to suit the changing needs of today’s medical device market.

New Growth Opportunities

Consider partnering with Minnetronix to take advantage of a new growth opportunity in cardiac assist or ventricular assist devices (VADs). Minnetronix has the technical expertise, intellectual property (IP), and development experience to design your product and shepherd it through the Class III premarket approval (PMA) regulatory process to first-in-man use and regulatory clearance.

Or, consider commercializing our catheter-based technology for mechanical circulatory support or cardiac assist products concepts. Together, we can explore structural options such as a direct partnership, creation of a new entity, distribution arrangement, or joint venture with both parties contributing funds and/or IP.

Options for Leveraging your Balance Sheet to Fund Innovation

Many medical device operating companies have fixed limits on their R&D spending but are relatively cash-rich. Minnetronix can help your company convert a product development exercise into a capital investment rather than an R&D expense. GAAP-compliant options exist to transfer ownership of an asset to Minnetronix, complete the product development, clinically evaluate the resulting product, gain regulatory approval, and distribute or re-purchase the product at some pre-arranged milestone-based value. Contact us to explore GAAP-compliant balance sheet funding of development with options for distribution or purchase.

Partner to Develop or Acquire Your IP

Minnetronix is advancing technology in cardiac assist and neuro critical care. We are interested in licensing or acquiring attractive, relevant patents.